From a Financial view:
AWI provides fully computerized portfolio management which includes monthly Profit and Loss Reports, Budgetary Analysis, Rent/Tenant Rolls, Lease data, Square footage information, Unit availability reports and Vendor payment analysis.


From a Physical view:
Our experienced personnel are in constant contact with on-site personnel, supervising leasing, hiring, and training the staff, as well as providing periodic physical inspection of the facility with a view towards creating the most aesthetic physical appeal for your property.

From a Maintenance view:
AWI maintains roving maintenance staff with equipped trucks to handle most on-site issues. Should outside vendor involvement become necessary our long standing experience (almost 30 years) in the Central Valley insures only competent cost conscience vendors are employed who are fully licensed and insured. Emergency responses are provided around the clock.

From a Compliance view:
We are fully versed in the due diligence requirements of Section 42 LIHTC and HUD Program Compliance properties.

From a Collection view:
When it becomes necessary to evict tenants and follow up with collections of delinquent rents, AWI maintains in house services to keep those costs affordable.


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